Tom Broyles Fall Bridge Lessons


There’s a bridge workshop for everyone this Fall from “Green as Grass” non-players to sessions for intermediate players and conventions for the more experienced.

Workshops begin Wednesday, September 18 and run for 5 straight Wednesdays at the St. Clair Community Center, 308 S. Fourth Street, St. Clair. Please use the west door.  Handicapped parking available, no steps.

Introduction to Bridge     12-1:30pm

Wednesdays, September 18, 25, October 2, 9, 16; 12-1:30 pm for “Green as Grass” non-players.  Pace of workshop will be set by participants, not by lesson plans.  This introduction is not for experienced players unless helping.

Everyone’s help is needed in identifying possible participants as I have no list of non-players.  Please help get the word out.

No cost.   No partner needed. Please pre-register at or 810-326-0121 if you have a question.  Or register with St. Clair Recreation Dept. 810-329-7121x3.  You may register for multiple workshops.

These sessions are a progression. If you can’t make one, please call so a make-up can be arranged.  We don’t want you feeling lost.

Intermediate Workshop     1:45-3:15pm  Sept. 18, 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16

This workshop is for players wanting to improve how they play their hand when declarer, improve bidding and defense.  These sessions will be a combination of lecture, table problem solving and individual thinking.  Topics include developing long suits, what card to lead, when to get trump in, how to play in a no trump contract, how to defeat opponents contract etc. Each session stands independent of the previous sessions.

Conventions     3:30-5:00pm  Sept. 18, 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16

Topics include: weak 2 bids, strong bids, how to bid for slams, takeout doubles, Stayman, transfers, Blackwood and Gerber, negative doubles, Michaels etc. Each session is independent and for intermediate and more experienced players.

No cost. No partner needed. See registration above.

This course is American Contract Bridge League’s Bridge In the 21st Century led by ACBL certified instructor Tom Broyles.  Textbook available for $19.95 but not required.

These workshops are sponsored by the St. Clair Recreation Department.  Bridge is a gateway to making so many friends. It helps keep you sharp mentally.  There are so many weekly games going on now.  Please come and make a new best friend. Please pass the word to non-players.

Want off this mailing list, call 810-326-0121 or email


Registration Details

Register at (810-326-0121) or call St. Clair Recreation Dept.  810-329-7121x3 


Extended Introduction to Bridge Saturday Sept 28

A five hour extended introduction is available 9-2 pm on Saturday September 28 at the St. Clair Community Center, 308 S. Fourth.  Come late or leave early or take it all in.  We start at the very beginning as an introduction or as a refresher.  Bring a sack lunch or snacks. Please register 810-326-0121.

No cost thanks to your support of St. Clair Recreation Dept. & area bridge clubs.