Blue Water Bridge Clubs

Meets: Monday 12:15 pm

Meets Tuesday: 9:00 am

Council On Aging

600 Grand River

Port Huron, MI 48079

Director: Fred Goodell (810) 329-4905 or Text (810 434- 8480



St. Clair DBC

Meets: Friday 12:30 pm

St. Clair Activity Center

308 S. 4th Street

St. Clair, MI 480799

Director: Fred Goodell (810)329-4905 or Text (810) 434-8480


The Blue Water Bridge Clubs are run on the basis that everyone can be nice and have fun and still play a competitive and high level game of duplicate bridge. Zero tolerance is enforced.


Monday scores are posted

Monday June 24th game in Port Huron is on
Tuesday June 18th game in Port Huron is on
Friday June 21, 2019.... club will be playing at the St. Clair City Hall on 547 N.Carney 12:30 pm

A partner is needed for the Tuesday game only